Latest contraception reputation: Methods birth prevention standing in the month of your interviews (not at the a specific operate out-of sexual intercourse)

Latest contraception reputation: Methods birth prevention standing in the month of your interviews (not at the a specific operate out-of sexual intercourse)

Profile 5. Percentage of all women old twenty two–44 who have been already having fun with ladies sterilization, oral birth prevention tablet, men condom, otherwise long-acting reversible contraceptives, by the academic attainment: All of us, 2015–2017

step 1 High linear pattern. dos Percent with no highschool degree or GED and you will bachelor’s education or maybe more is somewhat distinctive from one for twelfth grade degree otherwise GED. NOTES: Female already with more than one method try categorized according to the greatest approach he could be playing with. Long-acting reversible contraceptives tend to be birth prevention implants and you can intrauterine devices. GED is actually standard equivalency diploma. Availableness research dining table to have Shape 5 pdf icon . SOURCE: NCHS, National Questionnaire from Members of the family Growth, 2015–2017.


During the 2015–2017, just as much as 65% of women old 15–forty-two were using some sort of contraception approach, if you russian cupid com are 35% just weren’t currently playing with a method. Just like the shown within the Figure 2, most females who had been staying away from birth-control got things about not this, instance looking to pregnancy, being pregnant or postpartum, or perhaps not becoming sexually productive. Current usage of people kind of birth control try highest certainly one of old ladies and non-Latina white women weighed against more youthful girls and you may low-Hispanic black female. Probably the most commonly used methods were people sterilization (18.6%), pill (twelve.6%), LARCs (ten.3%), and you can male condom (8.7%). Use of these methods varied round the decades, Hispanic origin and you may competition, and studies.

Understanding adaptation inside birth-control play with across the societal and you will market characteristics now offers prospective understanding of larger fertility designs, along with delivery rates and you may incidence regarding unintended pregnancies. The possibility that a woman not seeking to a pregnancy can get an enthusiastic unintended pregnancy may vary because of the whether people method of contraceptive try utilized and you may which method she otherwise the girl mate uses (2). It statement provides a snapshot off latest contraceptive updates certainly one of female old 15–forty two in the us making use of the most recent investigation readily available away from NSFG in order to boost knowledge of contraceptive use.


Which adjustable boasts both use of particular procedures or, should your girl did not have fun with a technique about week out of interviews, nonuse out of birth-control procedures utilizing the after the subcategories: expecting, trying maternity, postpartum, noncontraceptive infertility, intimate laziness (ever or perhaps in for the last 90 days), otherwise sexually mixed up in earlier 3 months no means utilized in the brand new times out-of interviews. When the a woman wasn’t intimately active but put a great noncoital-oriented style of contraceptive (elizabeth.g., LARC or girls sterilization), she’s categorized depending on the method she put. Inside report, as with past NSFG profile (3), women that was basically currently with more than one strategy is actually categorized because of the method that was strongest for the stopping pregnancy, because that strategy provides the ideal effect on their threat of unintended maternity. For example, women who report having fun with each other oral birth-control tablets and you may men condoms in the modern week are known as using tablets, as the tablets are more effective at the blocking a pregnancy. Into the 2015–2017, 10.1% of females who had been already using birth prevention put several birth-control method during the same few days. New recode changeable put is CONSTAT1. Although not done in that it report, the newest gang of recodes CONSTAT1–CONSTAT4 (for every single means found in this new day away from interviews) along with allows analyses of every entry to for each and every specific strategy.

Education: Instructional attainment during interview, demonstrating the highest degree otherwise amounts complete. Answers are shown only for ladies aged 22 as well as as the of a lot younger people haven’t completed their education (79.8% of females aged 15–21 was in fact in school at the time of interview, studies perhaps not shown). The newest recode variable made use of are HIEDUC.

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